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More about OIZOM

Viet An Enviro is an authorized partner of OIZOM

OIZOM is one of the pioneers in real-time sensor-based air quality monitoring.


OIZOM Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

OIZOM cung cấp các giải pháp IoT Môi trường và trí tuệ nhân tạo Môi trường cho tương lai bền vững. Hệ thống giám sát Không khí của chúng tôi nổi tiếng với môi trường dữ liệu chính xác bằng công nghệ e-Breathing ở mức độ sáng cao. Phân tích dữ liệu nền tảng tạo ra thông tin hữu ích từ môi trường dữ liệu.


Why should customers choose Oiziom?

Accurate and affordable environmental monitoring solutions

Sixty-five cities and 60 countries worldwide have deployed and trusted the solution.

The system is installed in more than 1,000 locations and monitors the living environment status of more than 200 million people.

Product line

The Oizom air quality monitoring system meets MCERTS performance standards. The Oizom Dustroid dust monitor complies with the MCERTS designation for particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10).

POLLUDRONE - Air quality monitoring system

Integrated air monitoring systems are ideal for real-time outdoor air quality monitoring for urban and industrial applications.

ODOSENSE - Odor monitoring system

Odosense monitors odorous and toxic gases in the environment to provide information on odour dispersion and simulation.

DUSTROID - Dust monitoring system

Dustroid is a dust particle monitoring system that measures a range of dust particle sizes for dust-filled operations.

WEATHERCOM - Automated Weather Station

Weathercom is an automated weather station designed to measure various meteorological conditions.

AQBot - Industrial air quality monitoring device

AQBot is an industrial air quality monitor designed to serve a variety of applications with a wide parameter range.

ENVIZOM - Air quality monitoring software

Envizom is a cloud-based air quality monitoring software that visualizes and analyzes air quality data from anywhere.

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