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More about ENVEA

Viet An Enviro is an authorized partner of ENVEA

ENVEA's equipment and technology include gas analyzers, dust monitors, gas and exhaust flow meters and air quality monitoring.


ENVEA Technology

Includes advanced measurement equipment and systems to monitor emissions, dust, and air pollutants from industrial sources, with highly accurate and reliable equipment to assess contamination levels and monitor production processes. It helps businesses and organizations minimize risk and optimize performance.


ENVEA is a leading global monitoring solutions provider to protect people and the earth

45,000 ambient air monitoring systems installed worldwide

More than 35,000 emissions monitoring systems have been installed worldwide

ENVEA solutions


Process optimization solutions

The solution supports reducing emissions at the source, saving raw materials and reducing energy consumption.


Emission monitoring (CEMS)

Solution for monitoring exhaust gases from chimneys to measure the level of dust and industrial pollutants emitted into the atmosphere.


Environmental ambient air quality monitoring

This solution helps detect the source of atmospheric pollution and ambient air quality for public health and environmental purposes.

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