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About Central Viet An

Central Viet An


Vision & Mission

Viet An Environment Company Limited was born with 100% investment capital from Viet An Environmental Engineering Joint Stock Company (Viet An Enviro). The primary mission of establishing Viet An Environmental Company Limited in the Central Region is to create favourable conditions to improve the quality of products and services after each project to meet customers' needs fully. Customer. These efforts are driven by a business philosophy maintained for the past 12 years: "WE ALWAYS WORK FOR THE SUCCESS OF OUR CUSTOMERS, FIRST."

This demonstrates our commitment to putting our customers first and our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction and success.

Central Viet An

Bussiness areas

Including the following fields: Water Supply, Wastewater, Environment, Energy, Cement, Paper, F&B, Life Sciences, Semiconductors, Plastics, Petroleum, and Chemicals.


Environmental monitoring

Automatic and continuous environmental monitoring solution.

Field instruments

For process automation industries


Specific solutions

For all industries

Dịch vụ bảo trì, hiệu chỉnh của Việt An Group

After sales service

Maintenance, diagnostic & repair, calibration, operational & remote assistance

Viet An Group ecosystem


Typical Projects

Waste Water

Formosa Ha Tinh - Wastewater Monitoring Station

Client:Fomosa Ha Tinh

Service:Wastewater monitoring solutions

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