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About Viet An Enviro

No. 1 market share in Vietnam in environmental monitoring and industrial measurement solutions.


Dear Partners and Businesses

On December 17, 2010, Viet An was officially established, marking the first launch as a young company in environmental monitoring.

Since then, Viet An has become the market leader, with over 1,000 automatic environmental monitoring stations (TQT) continuously spreading nationwide. Step by step, we have begun to set foot in some Southeast Asian countries...



On the journey to realizing our vision, we focus on accumulating experience and developing the capacity to provide comprehensive monitoring solutions, expanding the market to Southeast Asia and internationally.



Viet An tries its best to become an International General Contractor, bringing quality solutions and products that meet international standards to the world. From there, we honour the intelligence and capacity of the Vietnamese people, contributing to the development of a prosperous and strong country.


Core value

Ba giá trị cốt lõi sau được xem là “linh hồn” của tổ chức, là những giá trị hướng đến Chân – Thiện – Mỹ mà tập thể CBNV Việt An tin tưởng, kiên trì theo đuổi và cũng là tiêu chuẩn để đánh giá, tìm kiếm “những con người Việt An” phù hợp.

Business Areas

Include the following areas: water supply, wastewater, environment, energy, cement, paper, F&B, life sciences, semiconductors, plastics, oil & gas, and chemicals.

business area_vietan-group

Environmental monitoring

Automatic and continuous environmental monitoring solution.

business area_vietan-group

Field instruments

For process automation industries

business area_vietan-group

Specific solutions

For process automation industries

business area_vietan-group

After sales service

Maintenance, diagnostic & repair, calibration, operational & remote assistance

Viet An Group ecosystem


Market leader in automatic environmental monitoring solutions and Process

More than 1,000 automatic

môi trường tự động, thông minh đã được lắp đặt trên toàn lãnh thổ Việt Nam

why-customer-choose-usOne-stop solution
why-customer-choose-usThe products made in EU/G7 ensures the worldclass quality
why-customer-choose-usOffices all over Vietnam
why-customer-choose-us20+ partners from European countries belonging to the G7 group
why-customer-choose-usMore than 250 experienced employees across 3 regions

Typical Projects

Waste Water

Formosa Ha Tinh - Wastewater Monitoring Station

Client:Fomosa Ha Tinh

Service:Wastewater monitoring solutions


Toc Tien Industrial Park Vung Tau – TQT Continuous Automobile Exhaust

Client:Investor: Sao Viet Environment Joint Stock Company

Drinking Water

5 Raw Water Quality Monitoring Stations in Nam Dinh

Client:Nam Dinh Water Supply Joint Stock Company

Service:iMisff 2101 DW

Waste Water

FPT Da Nang - Wastewater Monitoring Station


Service:iMisff 3101 WW - Automatic Continuous Wastewater Monitoring Solution

Drinking Water

Hoàn thành trạm quan trắc chất lượng nước trong 24 giờ cho Cấp Nước Thủ Đức

Client:Thu Duc Water Supply

Service:iMisff 2101 DW - Drinking Water monitoring solution

Dự án Điện Nghi Sơn 2 - Lắp đặt 02 trạm quan trắc
Waste Water

Nghi Son 2 Electricity – Installation of 02 Monitoring Stations

Client:Nghi Son 2 Electric Company Limited



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