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Published December 19, 2018 6:23am

10 meaningful actions to help protect the environment

"Sow thought, reap action. Sow action, reap a habit. Sow a habit and reap a character. Sow character and reap destiny.” Building "personalities" to protect the environment and turning it into a lifestyle and habit for each of us will be necessary! No big words, no flowery language, Viet An Enviro would like to share the photo series "5 BE 5 NO for the Environment" ", with meaningful actions, let's join hands together for a clean and beautiful Vietnam.

To produce 1kg of meat, it is necessary to consume 10kg of food and 15,000 liters of water. To have 1 liter of milk, 990 liters of water are needed. The energy to produce 1kg of meat can keep a 100kW light bulb burning for 3 weeks. Producing 1kg of meat will release 36.4kg of CO2 equal to the emissions of a car driving 155km... So choose a smart diet with lots of vegetables and reduce meat consumption to both protect your health and protect the green environment. clean!
According to a study by the Wildlife Trade Monitoring Organization (Traffic) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), each year in Vietnam, 1 million wild animals are eaten. The world had to come to Vietnam to educate awareness, this is truly sad.
To protect the environment, each person's awareness is very important, so show yourself as a civilized person, do not throw trash indiscriminately and speak up if you see the unconscious actions of others.
In some places like Japan and Thailand, at buffet parties they have a sign "Please take enough, if you don't eat it all you will be fined" written in Vietnamese. This is really sad, because taking too much food or anything causes great waste and impacts the environment. So let's change together.
Many people have the habit of washing vegetables or dishes under the tap. This habit wastes a large amount of water every day. Instead of washing vegetables or dishes directly under the tap, fill the sink with water before washing, so it will be easier to control the amount of water used.
There is no need to say much about the harmful effects of nylon bags on the environment. So if each person consciously minimizes the use of plastic bags every time they go to the market, it will be enough to create a big change for the environment. Sometimes taking action to protect the environment is not something too big, but just doing the smallest things like changing the habit of using plastic bags, for example.
In addition to protecting the environment, turning off the computer when taking a lunch break also helps preserve the computer, allowing the computer to "rest" and avoid damage. So instead of "sleep", let's "shut down" guys!
Instead of reading newspapers and magazines regularly, switch to electronic newspapers to update news and events. Only print documents on paper when absolutely necessary, and remember to print double-sided..actions This small act of yours has helped one more tree "not be cut down", making our planet greener.

By Phuc Nguyen

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