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Formosa Ha Tinh - Wastewater Monitoring Station

The wastewater monitoring station at Formosa Ha Tinh includes 6 indicators of heavy metals (Mineral oil, Cyanide, Chromium, Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury).

Formosa Ha Tinh has a total project area of over 3,300 hectares, including both land and sea areas (Son Duong port). Currently, the Formosa construction site is attracting nearly 7,000 experts, officials, and workers from both Vietnam and abroad to work.

This is a mega-project to construct a steel plant with a closed production line and the largest deep-water port in the Southeast Asia region, with a capacity of 22 million tons of steel per year and 1,500 MW of thermal power. Proportionate to such a mega-project, the wastewater needs to be treated to meet the environmental discharge standards. To ensure the quality of wastewater is safe for the environment, Formosa has actively sought a unit to install an automatic and continuous wastewater monitoring station. However, many Vietnamese businesses have attempted to approach Formosa but failed because foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises like Formosa often prioritize using technology and equipment from companies in their home countries.

At that time, Viet An strongly surpassed many competitors, successfully signing the installation contract. Wastewater Monitoring Station Viet An succeeded with Formosa by accomplishing something that no one else could do at that time - providing customers with peace of mind. A crucial factor in Viet An's success was that during challenging times, we were always ready with equipment and personnel, demonstrating genuine determination in solving our customer's challenges. Additionally, our in-depth understanding and passion for the field of automatic monitoring instilled confidence in Viet An from the customer.

For Viet An, it was no longer just a matter of simple sales; it was about providing customers with superior solutions, addressing their problems to the maximum extent, and actively contributing to their success with dedication from the entire company team. This helped the Formosa plant to tighten control over its operations more effectively.

After the installation project was completed, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha visited Formosa Ha Tinh. During the visit, he inspected and checked the monitoring of 6 heavy metal indicators (Mineral oil, Cyanide, Chromium, Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury) installed by Viet An. Projects The visit was also broadcasted on Vietnam Television (VTV3) during the 7:00 PM news program.

After completing the first phase of wastewater monitoring, Viet An was once again selected to install the second phase with 4 quality control containers for wastewater from 4 categories: Steel Refining Furnace, Blast Furnace, Coke Oven, and Thermal Power Plant (monitoring a total of 17 heavy metal indicators).

The fundamental principle that Viet An always strives for is a comprehensive solution for sustainable operation and cost efficiency. Ensuring optimal investment, operation, and enhancing the reputation of the business in environmental protection.


Fomosa Ha Tinh




2016 - 2019

Measured parameters

Mineral oil, Phenol, Cyanide, Cr+6, Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury


Wastewater monitoring solutions


Ha Tinh

Typical Projects

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