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Automatic wastewater monitoring station Hoa Mac Industrial Park

Hoa Mac Industrial Park is currently under Hoa Phat Construction and Urban Development Joint Stock Company - a member of Hoa Phat Group, one of the leading private industrial production groups in Vietnam.

Hoa Mac Industrial Park, Ha Nam is located on Highway 38 in Hoa Mac town, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province, 45 km from Hanoi city center. Starting from a construction machinery business in August 1992, Hoa Phat has now become a multi-industry corporation operating in many fields including: industrial production, consumer goods production and investment. real estate business. In 2007, Hoa Phat Group officially listed shares on the Vietnamese stock market with the stock code HPG.

With synchronous and modern infrastructure and techniques, the industrial park includes the following systems: Internal transportation, power supply in the industrial park. Water supply & drainage specifically includes:

– Moc Nam Water Plant (3km from the Industrial Park) with a total design capacity of 30,000m3/day-night (phase 1: 4,000m3/day-night) ensures to fully meet the clean water needs of the entire population. businesses in the Industrial Park.

– The industrial park's drainage system is built into 2 separate systems:

+ Rainwater drainage system: collected through the sewer system to pour into Cau Giat stream and into the Red River

+ Wastewater drainage system: Wastewater is collected to the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Industrial Park.

- Wastewater treatment:

+ The wastewater treatment plant was built with a capacity of 5,000 m3/day and night, using a biological treatment system.

+ Wastewater is pre-treated at the Factories before being discharged into the centralized treatment system of the Industrial Park.

In December 2015, Viet An Environmental Engineering Joint Stock Company (Viet An Enviro) signed a contract to supply and install Automatic monitoring system for wastewater quality belonging to the Centralized Wastewater Treatment Plant of Hoa Mac Industrial Park, Ha Nam.


– Project name/Investor (End-user) who installed the monitoring station: Koastal Eco Industries Co., Ltd.

– Automatic monitoring parameters: COD, pH, TSS, open channel flow

– Project name: Supply, installation of equipment and operating instructions for the automatic wastewater quality monitoring system.

– Installation location: Highway 38 in Hoa Mac town, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province,

– Contract signing date: 12/2015

– Implementation time: 60 days

– Number of installation stations: 01

Viet An Enviro is currently leading the market in the number of automatic wastewater monitoring stations in the Vietnamese market with highly reliable equipment, little maintenance and reasonable costs.


Hoa Mac Industrial Park





Measured parameters

COD, pH, TSS, lưu lượng kênh hở


Hà Nam

Typical Projects

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