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Formosa Taffeta Long An – Automatic Emission Monitoring Project

Viet An is constructing, installing and gradually completing the automatic emissions monitoring project for the Formosa Taffeta Long An factory.

Formosa Taffeta Long An has trusted and chosen Viet An for the project automatic exhaust gas monitoring.

Full monitoring system of indicators and use of equipment from the company Codel (UK), synchronous equipment provides highly accurate measurement results, long-lasting operation, and requires little maintenance and replacement of consumables.
Once put into operation, the system will help continuously control the quality of emissions released to the outside, joining hands with state agencies and businesses to protect the environment.


  • Project name: Installation of automatic exhaust gas monitoring system for Formosa Taffeta Long An factory
  • Number of stations: 01
  • Monitoring parameters: Total dust, Flow, O2, SO2, NOx, CO, Pressure, Temperature
  • Camera system continuously monitors exhaust gas quality
  • 24/24 power backup system
  • Transmit data to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in accordance with Circular 24/2017/TT-BTNMT and Decree 40/2019/ND-BTNMT

iMisff 7101 EM – Application Emission monitoring solution

Is the system Emission Comprehensive automatic, continuous emissions, synchronous integration from hardware to software developed and produced by Viet An.

iMisff 7101 EM – Application Emission monitoring solution of Viet An is integrated with measuring equipment from brands from EU/G7, with high accuracy, low maintenance and operating costs.

The quality of our equipment has been confirmed in hundreds of countries worldwide, giving customers absolute confidence when choosing us.


Formosa Taffeta Long An Factory



Measured parameters

Total dust, Flow, O2, SO2, NOx, CO, Pressure, Temperature


Long An

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