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KCN Tam Thăng 2 - Việt An Miền Trung Lắp Đặt TQT Nước Thải

Tam Thang 2 Industrial Park - Viet An Central Region Installing Wastewater Treatment

Viet An Central Region has just completed the installation and commissioning of the Wastewater Monitoring Station for the Tam Thang 2 Industrial Park Project.

Tam Thang 2 Industrial Park has just completed acceptance and put into use Wastewater monitoring system by Central Viet An set up

  • Investor: Capella Quang Nam Joint Stock Company
  • Parameter: Input flow, output, pH, Temperature, COD, TSS, Ammonium

iMisff 3101 WW – What is an automatic, continuous wastewater monitoring solution?

It is a comprehensive automatic wastewater monitoring solution from hardware to software with five leading monitoring indicators. The system is packaged in a single station to help reduce costs and time. In addition, other monitoring indicators can be expanded according to customer needs.

With this system, measurement results will be continuously transmitted to the customer's central control room and at the same time sent to the local Department of Natural Resources and Environment center. In addition, monitoring effluent wastewater is to comply with Circular 10/2021/TT-BTNMT regulations.

Implementing wastewater monitoring is not only a mandatory environmental monitoring regulation from the Government but also has great significance for the sustainable development of industries and the human living environment.

This is an essential basis to help authorities promptly detect the adverse effects of industrial wastewater on human health and marine, river and lake species.

At the same time, ensuring the industrialization and modernization process takes place safely and stably, limiting the risk of environmental pollution.


Capella Quang Nam Joint Stock Company





Measured parameters

Input flow, output, pH, Temperature, COD, TSS, Ammonium


Quang Nam

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