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Published December 13, 2021 11:36am

Endress+Hauser pH sensor

pH sensor of Endress+Hauser Memosens technology has many advantages that can be used for different applications. The measurement process provides accurate results thanks to the ability to compensate for temperature using a reference temperature measuring electrode.

Typical pH sensors from Endress Hauser:

1. Tophit CPS441(D)/471(D)/491(D)


Tophit is a line of pH measuring electrodes with many outstanding advantages, especially the ability to be installed horizontally and can be applied in dangerous environments. It is a glass electrode line but is easy to clean and has high accuracy thanks to the ability to compensate for temperature with a reference temperature measuring electrode.

Tophit CPS441 and CPS441D

Tophit CPS471 and CPS471D

Tophit CPS491 and CPS491D

2. Ceramax CPS341D ceramic sensor


Ceramax CPS341D has special features for use in harsh environments with high corrosivity (including acids) or many suspended solids. This pH measuring electrode can be installed directly into the pipe, and has the ability to self-clean based on the force of water flow.

3. Orbipac CPF81D sensor


Model Orbipac CPF81D
Orbipac CPF81D is a line of pH measuring sensors with integrated temperature specialized for wastewater with the following characteristics:

– Application: specialized equipment to measure ph concentration in industrial wastewater environment.

– Digital pH probe, using Memosens technology connected to the CM444 data recording and display device

– The device can be removed from the cable for calibration in the laboratory, storing calibration data at the measuring head.

– Measurement method: glass electrode, integrated temperature pH probe

– Measuring range: 0-14pH; 0-80oC

– Error: ±5% of measured value

– 23mm glass electrode, guard electrode

– Protective cover material: PPS, electrode part in contact with wastewater: glass with lead-free membrane

- Protection level: IP68, directly immersed in water

– Integrated 6mm cleaning head

– Connect cable type wire terminals, connection length from measuring head to display unit: 3 meters

– Model: Orbipac CPF81D

- Manufacturer/Origin: Endress+Hauser

CPF81D Sensor is mounted in the system automatic wastewater monitoring station Can communicate with the server located in the central control room via LAN, WIFI, Internet, 3G to transmit data continuously and can control the system, alerting managers when control indicators are detected. exceeds the allowable limit or an unusual problem occurs.

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