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Viet An Enviro is an authorized partner of ACKCIO

ACKCIO Solve the challenge of spatially unlimited wireless data collection solutions.


Ackcio has developed wireless industrial monitoring solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of industries requiring real-time sensor data monitoring to maintain efficient operations and ensure safety. All for employees. This solution helps these industries monitor and manage risks intelligently and securely.

Ackcio's mission is to become the industry standard for reliable wireless industrial tracking systems with more intelligent, secure and accessible tracking. Ackcio works with leading industry partners to ensure that their wireless tracking solutions are vital to all industrial operations. This enhances safety, manages risk and reduces industrial accidents while helping reduce industries' impact on the environment and supporting critical infrastructure to face the challenges of change. They are caused by climate.

The Power of the Ackcio Mesh Network

Ackcio Mesh is our innovative, patented, long-range wireless mesh communications protocol used by Nodes and Gateways to communicate over incredible distances, even in noisy environments, noisy or challenging.

Our Ackcio Mesh automatically selects the best communication paths in the network and frequencies with less interference for data transmission. This enables highly reliable data collection in all types of surveillance applications with strict regulatory requirements for data reliability.

ackio-partner-4Most existing industrial wireless data acquisition systems use LoRa-based wireless transmission, forming a star network. Star networks are simple to deploy and consume less battery power.

However, they have significant limitations in large, dynamic, challenging locations or underground deployments because each Node cannot communicate directly with Gateways due to severe obstructions.

On the contrary, Ackcio Mesh network enables superior connectivity in all deployment activities through enhanced long-range wireless mesh communication technology.

Features Ackcio Mesh

  • Uses ISM band (863-870 MHz, 902-928 MHz).
  • Supports up to 12 hops.
  • It supports connecting 50 network Nodes per port.
  • Allows Ackcio Nodes to be deployed in underground environments to monitor underground sensors.
  • On-demand Gateway-to-Node communication to send immediate updates to Nodes, such as sampling frequency updates.

Wireless data collection solution

ACKCIO is an expert in providing wireless data collection solutions using shortwave mesh connections in places where phone signals cannot reach, such as deep underground mining tunnels. ACKCIO's leading product suite provides real-time data that delivers operational safety, improves production efficiency and reduces risk.



Reduce costs, increase efficiency and provide safe workplaces with wireless surveillance solutions.


The infrastructure

Extend the life and improve preventative maintenance of critical infrastructure with real-time data.



Enhance safety, efficiency and productivity through real-time wireless monitoring.

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