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Viet An Service

Overall care

Enterprise equipment life cycle

Diagnosis and Repair
Remote support

On-site testing to increase equipment reliability

Optimize process uptime by eliminating problems with measurement equipment

Preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of failure


Viet An Service Care

A maintenance service to prevent damage to measuring equipment. Viet An supports customers in improving their knowledge of installed equipment and continuously improving process performance.

Service will not be warranted in the following cases.

Warranty expires
  • The monitoring station or equipment is out of warranty or not included in the list of replacement equipment and supplies covered by the warranty
Damage due to collision
  • Loss or damage due to collision when the goods have been handed over to the Buyer.
Safety measurement results
  • Safe, accurate and consistent results throughout the environmental monitoring equipment and systems lifecycle.
Not provided by Viet An
  • Replacement supplies, equipment, and materials are not manufactured or supplied by Viet An
Abnormal operating conditions
  • The device operates under abnormal operating conditions (such as driving under conditions other than design conditions or power source abnormalities).
Non-standard operating procedures
  • Equipment does not operate according to standard operating procedures recommended by Viet An or Viet An's partners.
Natural disaster
  • Equipment or systems are damaged due to natural disasters such as: fire, explosion, flood, lightning strike, tsunami, earthquake.
Not covered by warranty
  • In the event of a defect not covered by the warranty, the buyer needs to provide replacement materials, repairs, and labor costs to perform the work.
Using the device for the wrong purpose
  • Repair and replacement of equipment not provided by Viet An.
Overdue payment
  • Viet An will not be responsible for warranty if overdue payments are not completed according to the contract.
In case of any discrepancy from this Warranty Policy, written consent and confirmation from Viet An is required to be considered valid.

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