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Published December 19, 2018 7:38am

Impressed by the essay calling for protection of the marine environment, scoring 9 points


Even though he is only an 11th grade student, what he wrote in the essay about calling for marine environment protection must make us think. Humans are poisoning each other, harming the very environment that supports them. Economic development must go hand in hand with environmental protection. Look at our neighbors like China and India to see the price they are paying. One day we will have to import clean water and clean air to breath. Recently, Mr. Trinh Quynh (Literature teacher, Luong The Vinh High School, Nam Dinh) made a remarkable social discussion proposal for students: "What are your thoughts on marine environmental pollution?" happening now?”.



Among the essays with high scores, the most notable is the essay by Tran Thi Thuy Linh, a student of class 11A3, which was highly appreciated when given 9 points. From the perspective of a student, Thuy Linh has given profound insights into the causes, current situation, and lessons learned from a major problem that needs the cooperation of the whole society. Teacher Trinh Quynh shared: The environment in general is a big issue that needs the cooperation of the whole society. Thuy Linh's article only looks from the student's perspective but gives deep insights into the causes and current situation of the problem, thereby pointing out the causes and lessons learned. In particular, the article will make young people think more deeply to act for the environment, small actions lead to big changes.

Teacher Trinh Quynh and student Tran Thi Thuy Linh

Article by Thuy Linh

Yuri Gagarin, the first person to orbit the Earth, once confided: "After flying around the Earth in a spacecraft, I saw how beautiful our planet is. Dear friends, let's protect and make this beauty brighter, not destroy it!

However, the beautiful Earth with 3/4 of it being seas and oceans is being seriously harmed. Instead of trying to find another planet with life in the galaxy, why don't we save the Earth and the first thing to do is listen to the call of the blue sea.

The sea, like a mother, provides people with many things, from tourism resources, minerals, seafood, transportation... but the sea has never asked humanity to give anything back to the sea. On the contrary, people are treated unfairly and are truly ungrateful.

It took hundreds of years for people to realize that the Earth is warming, the ice from the poles is melting, and sea levels are rising. It took hundreds of years for people to realize that seafood resources were depleted and many species were in danger of extinction. And when fish die in many places, people are startled and wonder if the sea water is polluted.

The vast ocean also responded to humans with angry actions. It is nothing more than climate change. When winning in a category of the OSCAR awards, actor Leonardo did not forget to convey a message to the world: "This victory is also an important opportunity for people to pay more attention to the situation of climate change and drive our own action.”

Winters are colder, summers are hotter and harsher. Rising sea levels cause saltwater intrusion into acidic soil, affecting the entire agricultural sector. Storms or tsunamis are more frequent than ever, sweeping away people and everything in their path.

Many people still cannot forget the emotional words of the 6-year-old girl before letting go of her mother's hand and being swept away by Typhoon Haiyan: "Mom, please let me go. Mom, please save yourself." Is it time for people to save themselves before it's too late?

For economic profit, people are willing to destroy the marine environment. There are people who, for small profits, sell goods right on the beaches of tourist areas to help tourists litter unconditionally. There are people who, for greater profit, massacre fish by destructive means. Some people, for greater profit, are willing to discharge toxic chemicals directly into the sea.

In essence, we are borrowing at high interest rates so that our children and grandchildren will have to bear the debt of their ancestors. If you earn 1 dong from marine abuse, you have to spend thousands of times to improve the environment.



The movie Mermaid is inspired by a fairy tale but brings a very real message: "When this world no longer has a drop of clean water, a breath of fresh air, what meaning does money have?" . I have a deep belief in the butterfly effect, that “A butterfly can flap its wings on a Chinese flower and cause a storm in the Caribbean Sea”. Even a small action can create a widespread impact like a storm. Instead of calling for help or being angry for the blue sea, the sea knows how to be angry in its own way. Let's get into action now.

A tree you plant on land can also make the distant ocean more peaceful. Refusing to use plastic bags when shopping can also save the world from the tragedy of being a sea of ​​trash. Or saving a drop of fresh water is also a way to prevent the sea from shedding tears, the sea is too salty.

Don't litter, waste energy, cut down trees and then be proud to have sent a few hundred thousand dong to support storm and flood victims. Companies should not discharge waste directly into the environment and then spend money to support farmers who are victims of their own actions.

The sea will forever protect and protect people when they know their mistakes and are willing to correct them. After the noise, the sea will definitely calm down. There is a brighter perspective somewhere in the melody of the song Bien sings this afternoon (musician Hong Dang):




hrough so many ups and downs, this afternoon is still gentle. Buried deep at the bottom of all that is painful. The sea sings love songs and tells stories about the homeland."

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By Phuc Nguyen

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