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Published August 22, 2023 3:39am

Level TROLL® 400 Data Logger

The Level TROLL® 400 Data Logger is an accurate water level measuring device that provides reliable results in a variety of water environments. It is especially suitable for measuring the water level in well water.

Strength of Level TROLL 400 Data Logger

  • The gLevel TROLL® 400 Data Logger sets maintenance-free, narrow-diameter titanium data
    Unvented (absolute) requires barometric compensation for best accuracy
    Accuracy: ±0.05% FS typical
    Titanium sensors offer greater accuracy and sensitivity than ceramic sensors.
    Battery life 10 years, typical
    Use wire for locations with minimal access or the RuggedCable® System for real-time data

How to install Data Logger Level TROLL 400?

Groundwater wells are often relatively small in size, which is why the only way to measure the water level is to lower the sensor inside the well. The sensor is placed at the bottom of the well and measures the water level height from the sensor to the water surface.

The results obtained can be viewed immediately on a smartphone using the VuSitu app.

By Viet An Group

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