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Published December 6, 2021 4:22am

Measuring circulating oil flow for thermal oil furnace applications

In a fabric factory, a special heat transfer oil is used to provide heat for the fabric drying process. The oil is heated to 280°C and transported through a system of insulated pipes to the production areas.

After losing heat, the oil will be circulated and continued to be heated to a temperature of 280°C. The process takes place cyclically and continuously. The flow of oil through the pipeline needs to be measured accurately to calculate the amount of heat supplied to the production system.

Measuring circulating oil flow for thermal oil furnace applications

Traditional heat transfer oil flow measurement technology

Before FLEXIM's ultrasonic flow measurement technology was introduced, flow was determined using differential pressure measurement or the Vortex method. Production operations must stop once a year to conduct system inspection and maintenance. The measuring site is located inside a hazardous area, so all maintenance work requires special preparation and precautions.

Flow measurement solution at Viet An's thermal oil furnace

Flow measurement with the FLEXIM clamp probe and WaveInjector is a convenient and optimal solution to this measurement challenge. Because the probe is not exposed to the medium, there is no physical or chemical corrosion reaction.

The meter can also be installed without the need to weld or cut pipes, thus avoiding any risk of potentially dangerous leaks. Ultrasonic flow measurement with FLEXIM also offers the additional advantage that it is environmentally safe and improves plant safety and efficiency.

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Benefits of the Fluxus F721 + Wave injector device

  • Directly measure flow on the pipe, no need to cut the pipe, no interruption to the production process.
  • Special solution, installed on pipes with temperatures up to 400 °C, or low temperatures -200 °C
  • Designed for use in explosion-proof environments.
  • Non-abrasive operation, so no maintenance required, no value drift.

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