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SICK is one of the world's leading solutions providers for sensor-based applications in the industrial sector.

Sick AG

Founded in 1946 by Dr. Erwin Sick, the company is headquartered in Waldkirch im Breisgau near Freiburg and is among the technology market leaders.

One of the leading companies in technology and market

SICK provides sensor information and application solutions that create the perfect foundation for safe and efficient process control, protecting individuals from accidents and preventing damage to the environment.

SICK has nearly 12,000 employees globally.

SICK is present worldwide, with over 50 subsidiaries, shareholders, and many agents.

The group's total revenue was approximately EUR 2.2 billion in the 2022 financial year.

According to international standards, SICK AG and several subsidiaries have been certified for quality and environmental management.

Product line

Automation in production, logistics and processes - sensor solutions from SICK are the key to digitalizing industry.

Safe solution

Innovative safety solutions and premium services, from risk assessment to planning and adoption of customers' machines and systems, ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Process sensors

Solutions for process control, inventory or transient monitoring of liquids, gases and materials, especially using robust sensors capable of recording the respective data as independently as possible

Detection sensors

Detection sensors have a wide range of applications, from presence and location detection to continuous condition monitoring and color and contrast detection, with high reliability thanks to ASIC and LED technology

Network technology and connectivity

SICK offers a variety of connectivity solutions to suit industrial automation requirements, which can be customized to save time and money.

Machine Vision & Recognition

Products such as 2D and 3D vision cameras, image-based barcode readers, fixed barcode scanners, handheld mobile scanners, and RFID reader/writer devices

Distance sensor

Distance sensors from SICK convey accurate information for a variety of applications, in a variety of distances & environments, equipped with advanced technologies and diverse interfaces

LiDAR and radar sensors

A device that detects and determines the position of objects in the surrounding environment, as well as the size and shape of these objects, used in many indoor and outdoor applications

Flow Measurement

Reliable flow meters and innovative flow sensors for checking and monitoring processes in industrial plants or in the transport of gases, liquids and solids.

Analytical equipment

Analyzers are based on many different measurement principles. With indirect & direct measurement technology, SICK can also provide solutions for many complex measurement systems and tasks

Motion control sensor

The device measures speed, position and angle for precise movement control. These include encoder sensors, motor feedback systems, non-contact motion sensors and inertial sensors

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