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More about FLEXIM

Viet An Enviro is an authorized partner of FLEXIM

FLEXIM is the leading brand in clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for liquids, gases and steam steam


Ultrasonic flow measurement

Today, the external clamp ultrasonic flow measurement method is a highly modern flow measurement technique. The ultrasonic probe is attached to the outside of the pipe without interfering with the inside, which could pose a risk of leakage. It is very safe and does not affect the production process.


FLEXIM external clamp ultrasonic flow measurement principle

Transducers are clamped outside the pipeline. Ultrasonic signals are alternately emitted by one transducer and received by the other. The physical quantities are determined from the calculation of the transmission-reception time of the ultrasonic signals.

FLEXIM solutions industries


Oil industry

Wastewater Industry


Energy Industry

Food and Beverage Industry


HVAC system

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