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Automatic wastewater monitoring station Green Resource Environmental Company Limited

Automatic wastewater monitoring station Green Resource Environmental Company Limited

In October 2015, Viet An Enviro signed a contract to supply and install an automatic wastewater monitoring station system for Green Resource Environmental Company Limited.

Information on wastewater monitoring station project 

– Project name/Investor (End-user) that installed the monitoring station: Green Resource Environmental Company Limited

– Automatic monitoring parameters: pH, COD, TSS and open channel flow

– Project name: Supply and installation of equipment and operating instructions hệ thống quan trắc tự động chất lượng nước thải.

– Installation location: Binh Duong

– Contract signing time: 12/2015

– Implementation time: 60 days

– Number of installation stations: 01

Detailed project description and legal basis

With strong technical capacity and equipment quality, for more than 6 years (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, present), Viet An Enviro has been installing on 150 Automatic, continuous wastewater monitoring stations at High-Tech Parks, Industrial Parks and Industrial Complexes or factories with large discharge sources into the environment that meet the design and communication standards of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the provinces/Cities .

The installation of automatic and continuous wastewater monitoring stations is based on the following 4 legal bases:

  1. According Circular No. 08/2009/TT-BTNMT 15/07/2009 prescribed by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment on regulations for management and environmental protection of economic zones, high-tech zones, industrial parks and industrial clusters.
  2. According to Circular No. 48/2011/TT-BTNMT ngày 28 tháng 12 năm 2011 of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment regulating the amendment and supplementation of a number of articles of Circular No. 08/2009/TT-BTNMT dated January 15 07 of 2009 of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment regulating the management and environmental protection of economic zones, high-tech zones, industrial parks and industrial clusters.
  3. According to Decree 38/2105/ND-CP dated April 24, 2015 of the Government regulating waste and scrap management.
  4. According to Circular 35/2015/TT-BTNMT dated June 30, 2015 of Minister of Natural Resources and Environment regulations on environmental protection of economic zones, industrial parks, export processing zones, and high-tech zones.

When going into the circulars and decrees, we can clearly see the regulations: All economic zones (EZs), high-tech zones (IPs), industrial zones (IPs) and industrial clusters (CCNs) and Factories located outside the Industrial Park that discharge waste directly into the Environment (with a discharge capacity of over 1,000 m3/day and night) must "Install an Automatic, Continuous Wastewater Monitoring System".

And even more clearly: "High-tech parks, industrial parks and industrial complexes must have centralized wastewater treatment plants. Centralized wastewater treatment plants can be divided into many units (modules) but must ensure that the entire amount of wastewater generated meets current environmental technical standards. Investors of centralized wastewater treatment plants must design and install an automatic, continuous monitoring system for wastewater flow, parameters: COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), TSS (Total Quality). suspended solids), pH and some other typical parameters in wastewater (such as Color, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus and Heavy Metals) of High-Tech Parks, Industrial Parks and Industrial Complexes according to the requirements of the Decision approving the report. environmental impact assessment report, before discharging into receiving sources. Automatic wastewater quality monitoring stations must ensure technical connection requirements to automatically and continuously transmit data to state environmental management agencies when requested by this agency. For existing automatic wastewater monitoring stations that do not meet the technical connection requirements for automatic and continuous data transmission, there must be an adjustment plan to meet this regulation.

Units in need (investors or wastewater treatment contractors) can also design, purchase equipment and install it themselves. “Automatic wastewater monitoring system, continuous It's also not too difficult. However, this is not easy, to make the system run stably and with low maintenance costs also requires what people often call "Know-How", because of the above analysis devices ( COD, TSS, pH, Color, TN, TP or Heavy Metals) are devices that combine Physics and Chemistry, so they need to be regularly "calibrated" to ensure the most accurate measurement results and also Needs a certain experience.

Before that situation, Viet An Enviro was born at the end of 2010 with the Mission of "Providing a solution for installing an automatic, continuous wastewater monitoring system" to provide the market with a reliable product, contributing to environmental protection.

With a comprehensive solution with lots of practical installation experience, Viet An Enviro has completed the automatic monitoring solution with the support of Tập đoàn Endress+Hauser (Đức)the world's largest measurement equipment company (Sales of 2.2 billion EUR in 2015, with 12,000 employees, 21 manufacturing plants in 11 countries). Viet An Enviro offers a standard design solution that is compact, sturdy, operates with high reliability, requires little maintenance and is reasonably priced, not only meeting the requirements for discharge monitoring. emissions, meeting the requirements of the Environmental Agency but also meeting quality requirements with the lowest maintenance costs.

The standard system includes the following main components:

1. Device for displaying, recording data and connecting to digital measuring heads

-Multi-function signal receiver designed as a module in the form of a CM44x transmitter, connected to digital probes measuring COD, TSS, pH, temperature

-Automatically recognizes sensors using Memosens technology, connecting the wire and probe with an electromagnetic induction coil, is moisture resistant, helps the probe be immersed in water, convenient for operation and maintenance.

- Connects to 8 different sensors and has 4-20 mA analog outputs corresponding to each measurement criterion, HART standard communication

- Connect to on-site computer for direct operation monitoring.

- Protection level: IP66

- Has a 1GB memory card with data capacity: 150,000 values per channel

- Power supply: 100-230 VAC (50/60Hz)

-Model: Liquiline CM44x

- Manufacturer: Endress+Hauser-Germany

2. COD probe specialized for wastewater

- Digital probe, using Memosens technology, automatically connected to the CM44x data recording and display device (Section 1)

- Measuring method: UV optical absorption, directly attached to wastewater

- Measuring range: 0-1,000 mg/l

- Error: ±5% of the measurement range

- Detection limit: 0.3 mg/l COD

- Fine calibration according to 5 pairs of points according to the laboratory, increasing accuracy

- Cable length: 3 meters

- Sensor material: 1.4404 stainless steel, optical window: Quartz glass

- Protection level: IP68, directly immersed in water

-Model: Viomax CAS51D

- Manufacturer: Endress+Hauser-Germany

3. TSS probe specialized for wastewater

- Digital probe, using Memosens technology, automatically connected to the CM44x data recording and display device (Section 1)

- Measuring method: optical type with 2 LED sources and 4 signal receivers to help increase the accuracy of measurement values

- Digital sensor using Memosens technology, automatic sensor check function (automatic sensorcheck)

- Measuring range: 0 ~ 4000 mg/l

- Fixed cable, connection length from measuring head to display: 3 meters

- Integrated compressed air cleaning head, 6 or 8mm

- Sensor material: stainless steel

- Protection level: IP68, directly immersed in water

-Model: Turbimax  CUS51D

- Manufacturer: Endress+Hauser-Germany

4. pH probe with integrated temperature specialized for wastewater

-Digital probe, using Memosens technology to automatically connect to the CM44x data recording and display device (Section 1). The probe can be removed from the cable for calibration in the laboratory, and calibration data can be stored at the probe.

- Measurement method: glass electrode, integrated temperature probe

- pH and temperature measurement range: 0~14 pH, 0-110ºC

- 23mm glass electrode, guard electrode

- Protective cover material: PPS, electrode contact with wastewater: glass with lead-free film

- Protection level: IP68, directly immersed in water

- Integrated compressed air cleaning head

- Cable length: 3 meters

-Model: Orbipac CPF81D

- Manufacturer/Origin: Endress+Hauser-USA

5. Wastewater flow monitoring equipment

- Applicable to all types of hydraulic measuring troughs: dams with V-shaped slots or rectangular dams with self-created current collectors or Parshall measuring troughs or troughs built of card bricks and lined with ceramic tiles.

- Automatic flow measuring device for open ditches, can measure open ditches with flow: 0~5,000 m3/day and night

- Measuring method: using ultrasonic waves, no direct contact with water

- Cable length from sensor to transmitter: 10m

- Output signal is analog output current (0/4~20mA),

- LCD screen, displays instantaneous flow and total flow

- Power supply: 90-253VAC

- Has relay output for control

-Model: Prosonic S FMU90+Prosonic S FDU90

- Manufacturer: Endress+Hauser-Germany

6. Automatic wastewater sampler

- Fixed installation type.

- Sample collection: peristaltic pump type.

- Sample suction height: minimum 8 meters, maximum length 30 meters.

- Material: Plastic or stainless steel 1.4301 (optional)

- There is an integrated temperature sensor in the sample holding chamber.

- Number of sampling bottles: 12 bottles x 3 liters or 24 bottles x 1 liter (optional)

- Can be programmed in 5 different sampling ways: by chart, by time, by instantaneous flow sampling, by total flow sampling and by event sampling.

- You can optionally configure, control, retrieve data, and diagnose the status of the sampler via the internet or Web.

- Power supply for sampler 100-230VAC, 50/60 Hz.

- The refrigeration compressor uses 24VDC power, avoiding power fluctuations that damage the compressor.

- At least 2 digital inputs are integrated to control sampling.

- Comes with a 1GB SD card included.

- Peristaltic pump capacity: 10-10000 ml;

- Pump volume accuracy: ±5ml or 5% of set value.

- Sample storage temperature: 4 degrees Celsius, with automatic defrosting system.

- Compliant with EMC EN61326-1:2006 electromagnetic standards

-Model: CSF48

- Manufacturer: Endress+Hauser-Germany

7. Equipment to process and transmit fiber optic signals to Binh Duong Department of Natural Resources and Environment

- Microprocessor (CPU): Versamax Micro 20 point PLC

- Analog input module: 4 Analog inputs, 2 Analog outputs, corresponding to monitoring criteria

-Module Ethernet: Micro Plus 20/40/64 Ethernet module.

- Manufacturer: GE-Japan/China (CO/CQ: Singapore)

8. Electrical cabinets and accessories for installing output monitoring stations

- Electrical cabinets installed outdoors are 2-layer cabinets, powder-coated, covered, fan-ventilated and well insulated. Cabinet size: 2000x900x600 mm or equivalent

- Connect your computer via Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus RJ45 Ethernet port to display all parameters: COD, TSS, pH and open channel flow

- There is power surge protection using an isolation transformer

- Submersible pump for sample suction

- Stainless steel tank for storing samples

- Integrated air blower to clean the measuring heads

- Other accessories such as: CB, domino, COS connector, DC power source, plastic pipes, connectors...

- Origin: Vietnam (Viet An Enviro provides full package)

In addition, below are the parameters that can be monitored automatically and continuously (Online), including:

1. pH (2~12 pH)
2. Total suspended solids TSS (0~30,000 mg/L)
3. COD online (0~10,000 mg/L)
4. BOD online (0~200,000 mg/L)
5. Color analyzer (0~1,000 Pt-Co)
6. Ammonia (0~1,000 mg/L)
7. Ammonium (0~1,000 mg/L)
8. Nitrate, Nitrite (0~100 mg/L)
9. Dissolved Oxygen DO (0~25 mg/L)
10. TN total nitrogen (0~200 mg/L)
11. Total Phosphate TP (0~50 mg/L)
12. TOC (0~20,000 mg/L)
13. E.Coli, Coliform
14. Turbidity (0~100 NTU)
15. Residual Chlorine, Total Free Chlorine (0~5 mg/L)
16. Conductivity (0~200 µS/cm)
17. Salinity (2~92 ppt)
18. Total dissolved solids TDS (0~9999mg/L)
19. Hardness (0~1,000 mg/L)
20. Alkalinity (0~500 mg/L)
21. Mangane (0.005~15 mg/L)
22. Fe (0.005~5 mg/L)
23. Al (0.005~2 mg/L)
24. Oil-In-Water
25. Heavy metal indicators (Cu, Cr, CN, Fe, Pb, As, Ni, Zn)
26. Open Channel Flow

Through my experience, Viet An Enviro can advise on the design, supply and installation of automatic and continuous wastewater quality monitoring station systems in High-Tech Parks, Industrial Parks, Industrial Clusters or Factories to suit all requirements. strictest from customers.

Please contact us to advise on solutions Wastewater monitoring most suitable for the unit .


Green Resource Environmental Company Limited





Measured parameters

pH, COD, TSS và lưu lượng kênh hở


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