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5 Raw Water Quality Monitoring Stations in Nam Dinh

Viet An Northern, a reputable and experienced unit in the field of water monitoring, has recently been honored to undertake the responsibility of implementing the project of 5 Raw Water Quality Monitoring Stations in Nam Dinh province.

5 Raw Water Quality Monitoring Stations in Nam Dinh are a crucial project in ensuring the quality and safety of the water source for the community and Northern Viet An has proven reliable in carrying out this task.

Project and Implementation Locations

The installation project of 05 raw water monitoring stations is being carried out at several crucial water monitoring facilities in Nam Dinh, including Truc Ninh Plant No. 1, Truc Ninh Plant No. 2, Vu Ban Plant, Cat Thanh Plant, and Y Yen Plant. These are strategic locations for monitoring and assessing water quality, with monitored parameters including input flow rate, COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), pH, salinity, and TSS (Total Suspended Solids)

Project Quality and Dedication

On March 23, 2023, the leadership of Viet An North and the engineering team had an important working session with the factory management and directors of the enterprises to discuss the construction plan and deployment schedule of the 5 Raw Water Monitoring Stations project in Nam Dinh. The factory leadership highly appreciated the sense of responsibility and meticulousness in the survey work, demonstrating that Viet An North is a reliable partner for this project.

Quality Commitment

Viet An North commits to completing the project excellently and in accordance with its business philosophy: 'We always work for the success of the customer first.' The trust of the leadership of Nam Dinh Water Supply Joint Stock Company is a great motivation for us to ensure the quality and optimal performance for this important water monitoring project

Create Trust

Viet An Mien Bac always appreciates the trust and support from customers and partners. With our responsibility and commitment, we have and will always respond to that love and trust with the durability and quality of our products. We are not only a project implementer but also a reliable partner, supporting sustainable development and improving water quality in Nam Dinh and surrounding areas.

Please join us at Viet An Northern Region to ensure clean and safe water for everyone. Our reliability and commitment will accompany you on this path.


Nam Dinh Water Supply Joint Stock Company





Measured parameters

Input flow, COD, pH, Salinity, TSS


iMisff 2101 DW


Nam Dinh

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