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Viwaseen3 water quality monitoring station

Viet An has signed a contract to supply and install an automatic water quality monitoring system at Viwaseen3 Company's Water Plant.

Viwaseen3 Company (VIWASEEN3 JOINT STOCK COMPANY) headquarters address: KM14.5 - National Highway 1A - Lien Ninh - Thanh Tri - Hanoi.

VIWASEEN3's predecessor was an underground water drilling enterprise established in 1956 under the name of Drilling Team under the Ministry of Architecture's Mechanized Construction Company. Up to now, the name has been changed to VIWASEEN3 Joint Stock Company according to the 6th business registration certificate, issued on May 11, 2012. Is a unit under the Vietnam Water and Environment Investment Corporation (VIWASEEN).

Business areas

– Construction and installation of water supply and drainage works and environmental sanitation, industrial works, civil works, traffic works, irrigation works, energy works, and other technical infrastructure works.

– Production, sales and import-export of materials, equipment and spare parts serving the water supply and drainage industry.

– Act as an agent for domestic and foreign manufacturers of materials and equipment to serve consumer production.

– Investment consulting (not including legal and financial consulting) and consulting on construction of water supply and drainage and environmental works

– Design and construction of underground water exploitation drilling, bored pile drilling, mineral exploration drilling, engineering geological survey drilling, hydrogeological survey drilling and construction foundation treatment.

With the goal of doing business legally, effectively, with reputation, ensuring product quality, becoming a leading enterprise in the field of Drilling & Construction, building a strong brand in the construction industry. VIWASEEN3 regularly pays attention to training to improve management, expertise and skills for its staff, along with constantly innovating and investing in advanced technological equipment to serve improved production and business. High production efficiency, meeting the country's speed of development and international economic integration. VIWASEEN 3 proactively orients economic restructuring towards multi-functionality and product diversification to create enough jobs for workers, ensure social security and achieve high economic efficiency.

In March 2016, Viet An Environmental Engineering Joint Stock Company (Viet An Enviro) signed a contract to supply and install automatic water quality monitoring system belongs to the Water Plant of Viwaseen3 Drilling and Construction Joint Stock Company.

Project information

– Project name/Investor (End-user) who installed the monitoring station: Viwaseen3 Drilling and Construction Joint Stock Company.

– Automatic monitoring parameters: pH, COD, TSS, level alarm, turbidity and open channel flow

– Project name: Supply, installation of equipment and operating instructions for the automatic water quality monitoring system.

– Installation location: North Thang Long Water Plant, Dong Anh District, Hanoi

– Contract signing date: 3/2016

– Implementation time: 60 days

– Number of installation stations: 03

Viet An Enviro is currently leading the market in the number of automatic monitoring stations in the Vietnamese market with highly reliable equipment, little maintenance and reasonable costs.







Measured parameters

pH, COD, TSS, level indicator, turbidity and open channel flow


Hà Nội

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