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Published December 13, 2019 7:12am

If you are a future environmental engineer, you should read this article!

Environmental engineers will be very different from what many of you imagine, because of the specific nature of their work related to the environment. Environmental engineer are experts specializing in researching, designing and implementing solutions to protect and maintain the natural environment.

"Probably going back to my hometown to work for my old grandparents", "I don't know what else to do", "I hope I won't be unemployed after graduating"...those are the answers of many environmental students when asked "What will you do when you graduate?", most of them are very confused and don't know what they will do.

Environmental engineer Viet An Group

The reason is that many people register to study just because... friends invite them, or because they find this major "good", they are unclear about the major, do not research carefully, leading to not knowing anything about it but Still focusing on studying, only to study and be confused about jobs after graduation.

Furthermore, there are quite a few of you who still "dream" about the work you will do in the future, the scenarios of wearing a white blouse, a test tube guy, a microscope guy, or an "directed" environmental engineer. subordinates installing this or that... will not happen, at least when you first graduate. Unless you are very excellent and have units ready to roll out the carpet to invite you back, but that number is extremely small.

In reality, the work of environmental engineers will be very different from what many of you imagine, because of the nature of the work related to the environment, you will always have to wear protective clothing, boots, and get dirty. smeared with grease or have a lot of "characteristic" smells of wastewater, sewer water... So, while you graduates are confused and can't get a job, we are "thirsty" for human resources, this doesn't just happen In the environmental industry and in all other industries, here I will not discuss how to teach or blame it, the problem is only with you.

While many people can't get a job, there are many people who are very strange. They studied environmental engineering with excellent degrees and just graduated. After working for a few days, they complain about suffering, then complain about the low salary, and then ask how many people work. What degree did you study before and how much did you earn? When you know that people have a college degree but their salary is higher than yours, you want to meet your boss to ask "what's wrong with you"? Why do I have a university degree but my salary is lower than others? that.

There are also people who have just started working and already have the "spirit" of supervising others. They graduated with a pretty good engineering degree, so they just want to supervise construction and that, want to "point five fingers" without wanting to drag themselves around. , foul water... This is because environmental engineering requires practical experience to be able to work. Even though you are well-trained in books, when you go to the construction site to get a job, you still feel your "heart pounding and your legs shaking" because from theory to reality it takes "hundreds of light years", the construction site with its The massive construction and its capacity of thousands of cubic meters per day and night running around in a hurry also makes you confused. What's more, operating equipment and detecting leaks in sewer pipes that are several hundred meters long...

Degree is not unimportant, it also reflects your learning process, however there is no job called "light work with high salary", all positions are paid according to ability, not not a degree, and to get the desired salary, you need a process of continuous learning and accumulation. The environmental industry is even more specific, so if you don't love your job, you can't live with it.

General Director of Viet An Company – Mr Steve Nguyen Hoai Thi also shared about his first days out of school like this "When he graduated, like his friends, he also applied for jobs at many companies, at least 10 applications, a few places invited him for an interview but in the end he was unsuccessful and was not accepted. Oh, I'm extremely disappointed in myself because there are so many candidates, I don't have anything outstanding and I still owe 2 subjects (Technology 1 and Military Theory), in addition to the 7.8/10 achievement of 3 subjects. General exam in Thu Duc and participated in 3 Robocon sessions. And even though he accepted a very low salary of 1.2 million VND/month (in 2004) at a company in the industry for the position of Sales Engineer, he still did not get the job. So in the end, I took the risk. When I applied to an Automation company (I studied this field), when I came for the interview, I brought my entire Graduation Thesis to present to the interviewer ( is my direct boss) and was accepted to work with an official salary of 1.8 million VND/month.

Well, my boss worked with a salary of less than 2 million before becoming the Founder and CEO of 3 Service and Solution companies with more than 60 employees and offices in 3 regions as of now.

This is not a preaching with big words, but just small advice for those who accidentally "fall in love" with environmental engineering. Viet An Enviro As a company that installs and provides solutions for many areas related to the environment, we always want to expand job opportunities and have more good collaborators and colleagues in the future. We feel happy to receive many emails asking for internships, happy to see internships, there are many people who are proactive and enthusiastic to learn, that is a great opportunity. Very encouraging sign.

Working in any industry, we need to learn and try constantly, because only with pressure and long-term training can we get diamonds, but with ease we only have coal.

By Admin Viet An Group

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