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Published December 13, 2021 10:57am

Semiconductor equipment improves production efficiency

Demand for semiconductor devices will continue to grow strongly as demand for mobile devices, computing, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, artificial intelligence and other technical uses increases. Other numbers increase. The complexity of semiconductor manufacturing processes and manufacturing costs (FAB) is high, so those in the industry are always looking for ways to improve production efficiency and ensure high-quality products.

19+ chất bán dẫn là gì mới nhất

Solutions at every stage of the semiconductor manufacturing process from start to finish

As an expert in each field we work in, Viet An always cares deeply about this microscopic world. We have pursued proprietary engineering projects in many areas including evaluation and analysis, ultrapure water purity, composition of liquids and gases, and more broadly environmental and safety .

With our clear vision of the overall process, we have developed one line of analytical instruments, control and measurement systems Suitable for every stage of the semiconductor manufacturing process to meet strict quality control requirements. During all stages, from raw material evaluation to final inspection, Viet An products help maintain high efficiency in the production of the most advanced electronic devices.

Developed production – sustainable environment

The development of production in semiconductor equipment factories will cause great pressure on the living environment. To overcome and minimize risks, the Vietnamese Government has issued regulations on management. emissionsi and wastewater from semiconductor equipment factories to protect the environment from serious harm.

Along with that, Viet An provides automatic monitoring solutions for emissions & wastewater environments in semiconductor equipment factories that fully meet the requirements of circulars/decree issued by the Government. suggest. And what's more, our solutions are designed to suit each need of your business.

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