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Viet An is an authorized partner of SOMMER Messtechnik

The company SOMMER Messtechnik is a developer and supplier of sensors and environmental monitoring equipment, including system solutions for data recording, data transmission and analysis of collected data.


With more than 30 years of experience, SOMMER Messtechnik is a leading expert in the field of measurement and a reliable partner in fields such as hydrology, meteorology, industry, water resources management, water treatment waste and geotechnical applications.

SOMMER is known for its innovative Doppler radar sensors for water flow measurement, unique technology for snow monitoring, and easy-to-use systems for data management and transmission. SOMMER Messtechnik has experience deploying monitoring systems in remote and harsh areas, such as meteorological stations on highland mountain ranges and other extreme climates.

Sommer Solutions


SOMMER provides solutions to measure and control wastewater treatment processes and monitor essential parameters such as density and water quality.

Quản lý tài nguyên nước

SOMMER provides equipment for monitoring and managing water resources, including monitoring water levels and flows in water supply and wastewater treatment systems.

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