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Published December 19, 2018 4:06am

Dust Monitor continuous exhaust dust measuring device (CODEL – UK)

Continuous exhaust dust measuring equipment models DCEM2000 and DCEM2100 from CODEL - UK provide a continuous dust measurement solution by measuring opacity or dust concentration in exhaust gas by the rate of light transmission through a pipe. It uses a Dual-pass optical system based on dual propagation in opposing directions through the same tube of the air stream, this method not only accurately determines the average dust content.

Thiết bị đo bụi khí thải CODEL

Characteristics of the DCEM2000 and DCEM2100 exhaust dust measuring devices

opacity, mg/m3, mg/Nm3

Includes 2 Transceiver Units/transmitter units with 10m cable

Signal Processor Unit, 2 Air Purges, flange connection to chimney

– Đơn vị đo: % opacity, mg/m3, mg/Nm3

Opacity, mg/m3, mg/Nm3

Signal receiver: continuous measurement with infrared receiver and emitter

Measuring range: 0~500 mg/Nm3

Optical length: 0.5~15m

Accuracy: +/- 0.2% opacity

Response time: 10 seconds

Calibration: integrated Auto zero and auto span according to US EPA standards

Chimney temperature: 850°C maximum

Sensor body: made of anti-corrosion Epoxy coated aluminum with protection level IP66Sensor body: made of anti-corrosion Epoxy coated aluminum with protection level IP66

Cleaning mechanism: Compressed air, 1 liter/sec @ 4bar maximum

Connect to the control cabinet of item number 1

Order code: DCEM 2000/DCEM 2100 Dust Monitor



Simulate the operating principle of continuous dust measuring device models DCEM2000 and DCEM2100


The DCEM2000/2100 integrated into the automatic exhaust gas monitoring system of Codel - UK is an exhaust dust measurement device that combines unique features to solve problems, and is an effective tool. Works better than other devices.

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By Phuc Nguyen

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