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Published December 19, 2018 6:22am

Continuous, automatic exhaust monitoring system (CEMS)

Viet An provides high quality Automatic Emission Monitoring System that meets the technical requirements of Circular 10/2021/TT-BTN.

This article Viet An will help us have a clearer view of the overview of the automatic, continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS)

1. What is an automatic, continuous exhaust gas monitoring station?

The automatic, continuous exhaust gas monitoring system (CEMS) is generally a system consisting of equipment to continuously measure and monitor fixed environmental parameters including: Flow, temperature, pressure, O2, Dust total, SO2, NOx and CO... and transmit online monitoring data to the management center (Department of Natural Resources and Environment), serving state management of environmental protection.

This system must meet the regulations of Articles 36, 37, 38 and 39 in Circular No. 10/2021/TT-BTNMT issued in June 2021 (replacing Circular 24/2017-TNMT).

2. Subjects must perform automatic and continuous emission monitoring

Subjects that must perform automatic and continuous emission monitoring are specified in Clause 2, Section 23 of Decree 40/2019/ND-CP including:

  • Projects and facilities on the list of high-volume emissions sources specified in Appendix I, Section III, Appendix issued with Decree 40/2019/ND-CP.S
  • Hazardous waste incinerators; waste incinerators of provincial-level centralized solid waste treatment facilities; S
  • Emissions from facilities using imported scrap as production materials are subject to environmental impact assessment reports;
  • Facilities are administratively sanctioned for the act of discharging emissions in excess of environmental technical regulations that are repeated or violated multiple times; Mở trong Google Dịch • Phản hồi
  • Other subjects are decided by the Provincial People's Committee.

3. Emission parameters that need to be monitored according to Decree No. 40/2019/ND-CP

In Clause 3, Section 23 of Decree No. 40/2019/ND-CP regulates fixed environmental parameters including:

  • Flow, temperature, pressure, residual O2, total dust, SO2, NOx and CO (except in cases where environmental technical regulations for some specific fields do not require control).
  • Industry-specific environmental parameters are stated in the report and the decision to approve the environmental impact assessment report or environmental protection plan is confirmed.

4. Overview of comprehensive automatic and continuous emission monitoring station from Viet An

With outstanding advantages such as:

  • Compact. Affordability
  • Operate with high reliability, little maintenance,
  • Meet monitoring requirements from environmental agencies
  • Providing timely results quickly, helping the factory come up with timely solutions
  • The system is designed to be flexible, responding to customers' actual requirements

Viet An is always committed to bringing the best product quality to users. The products we provide are all world-leading high-quality equipment originating from Europe/G7 (where required). the most demanding regulations and standards in the world), with TUV and mCERT certification is recommended for use according to information No. 10/2021/TT-BTNMT.

Below is an overview of the emission monitoring solution Viet An meets Thông tư 10/2021/TT-BTNMT:

4.1 – GCEM40/GCEM40E gas analyzer – Codel UK company

  • Measure multiple indicators CO, CO2, SO2, NO, NO2, NOx, HCl, O2, H2O...s
  • HOT-WET technology expert in harsh environments.
  • Suitable for all types of exhaust gases
  • Optimal design, integrated control of sample extraction system and sample pipes.
  • Direct analysis of samples from the chimney, no gas treatment required.
  • Multiple parameters on 1 analyzer
  • 4.2 – DCEM2100 dust measuring device – Codel UK company

VCEM5100 flow measuring device

  • 2-way measurement, helps ensure accurate and stable operation.
  • Low maintenance costs due to the non-contact measuring principle
  • Easy installation and operationKeyphrase density
  • Sensor meets TUV and MCERT standards
  • Integrated into CEMS system, returns mg/Nm3 measurement value
  • Technical parameters meet requirements 10/TT-BTNMT

4.3 -Thiết bị đo lưu lượng VCEM5100 – Hãng Codel Anh Quốc

Thiết bị đo lưu lượng VCEM5100
  • Non-contact measurement allows the sensor to operate stably in harsh environments
  • Maintenance costs are very low
  • Operates in environments up to 1000°C
  • Automatically calibrate and check operating status
  • Sensor meets TUV and MCERT standards
  • Integrate into CEMS system, return measurement values ​​m/s, m3/s, m3/hour,...
  • The technical parameters meet the requirements of Circular 10/TT-BTNMT

4.4 – Device for collecting, storing and transmitting Datalogger data

System for receiving, transmitting and managing data.
  • Ability to connect to 6 analog inputs (4-20mA) of measuring devices.
  • There are 16 general-purpose digital inputs (can be used for 250 Hz pulse counting).
  • There is an Ethernet/Modbus TCP master/slave connection port
  • Connect RS485/RS232 Modbus RTU master/slave to peripheral devices.
  • Allows for future expansion of connectivity.
  • Work with GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
  • Has the function of transmitting and receiving data via GPRS, 2 SIM
  • Function to send data via ftp (text / csv file as required by the Vietnamese government)
  • Function to send SMS messages to 32 different phone numbers according to the required event.
  • Has an HMI OLED graphic display screen (128×64 pixels)

Viet An, with extensive experience installing +1000 monitoring stations, many of which are in operation with a lifespan of over 5 years, will bring you a complete, long-term solution. Please contact us for support and advice on the most suitable solution!

By Phuc Nguyen

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