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Published September 28, 2023 3:45am

Viet An Central region participates in the Conference to propagate and disseminate legal documents in Industrial Parks and Economic Zones of South Phu Yen

very proud to accompany the Management Board of Southern Phu Yen Economic Zone and KSON Environmental Branch in the Central and Central Highlands to successfully organize the Conference: "Propaganda and dissemination of legal documents in Industrial Zones, Southern Phu Yen Economic Zone, Phu Yen in 2023".

In addition to the topics of Guidance on Laws and Legal Regulations on Environmental Protection: Responsibilities of project owners when performing environmental protection work at the factory were presented by representatives from the Ministry of Environment KSON Central and Central Highlands regions.


Viet An is proud to share the topic: "Transparency and compliance with the law in environmental management at factories: monitoring and publishing environmental data according to Article 102, Decree 08/2022/ND-CP ”.

Through the conference, businesses listened to insightful topics and received timely answers to questions from the Management Agency.

With the ability to provide more than 1,000 automatic monitoring stations and software to monitor and publish environmental data for more than 40 provinces and cities nationwide, Viet An hopes to continue to have opportunities to accompany businesses and organizations. regulatory authority to provide solutions that meet the requirements of applicable Law.





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