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Published August 3, 2023 2:16am

Viet An Group participated in the 21st Medical and Pharmaceutical Exhibition

Viet An Group had a notable presence at the 21st International Medical and Pharmaceutical Exhibition, and they appeared very proud of the event. During the exhibition, Viet An Group together with SWAN Analytical Vietnam introduced a unique new product called "AMI TOC Compact." This is a remarkable innovation, specifically developed to meet the needs of high-purity-water applications in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

The 21st International Exhibition of Medicine and Pharmacy

“AMI TOC Compact” product is an important mark in the development and innovation of Viet An Group in the medical field. This product aims to provide advanced and effective solutions for the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, especially in the measurement and testing of high purity water quality.

Viet An advises solutions for visitors at the exhibition

The International Medical and Pharmaceutical Exhibition is a valuable platform for introducing and presenting new products and technologies in the healthcare industry, and Viet An Group has taken this opportunity to demonstrate their commitment. for progress and innovation. The strong appearance and introduction of “AMI TOC Compact” attracted the interest and trust of experts and customers at the exhibition.

Customers visit Viet An Group's booth at the exhibition

Viet An Group's presence at this exhibition is not only an important step in making a mark in the healthcare sector, but also a testament to their innovation and continuous efforts in providing innovative products and services. High-end solutions and promote the development of the medical and pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam.





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By Phuc Nguyen

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