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Published January 18, 2023 6:51am

SWAN (Switzerland) connects with Viet An Northern Region

Northern Viet An Proudly welcome Mr. Morris Teo, Regional Sales Manager from SWAN (Switzerland), a globally famous name in the field of online water analysis technology. SWAN is a pioneer in water quality monitoring and process control systems for water treatment plants. This partnership not only marks Viet An Mien Bac's opening to new technological advancements but also demonstrates our commitment to the best customer service.

Việt An Miền Bắc - Kết Nối Với SWAN (Thụy Sỹ)
Viet An Northern Region – Connecting with SWAN (Switzerland) to Improve Service Quality

In addition to welcoming and touring the office, Mr. Morris Teo also organized an important technical training session. Mastering product knowledge is a decisive factor in ensuring optimal service quality for customers. We understand that superior product knowledge and expertise is the basis for building trust and creating the best benefits for customers.

At Viet An Mien Bac, the staff is constantly studying and researching. We are committed to investing in updating the latest knowledge and skills to ensure professionalism and peace of mind for our customers. Our daily and hourly efforts are to ensure that we are always at maximum capacity to meet all of our customers' needs and requirements.

Việt An Miền Bắc - Kết Nối Với SWAN (Thụy Sỹ)

Finally, we would like to send a special thank you to the boss, who is both an excellent lecturer and a great source of encouragement for the staff in the days leading up to Tet. Her guidance and encouragement helped us stay focused to absorb knowledge and be ready to face new challenges in the future.

The connection with SWAN and our commitment to service quality is what makes the difference at Viet An Mien Bac. We are always ready to accompany and serve customers in the best way, and the cooperation with SWAN will certainly be an important step in that journey.





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By Phuc Nguyen

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