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Published May 17, 2023 9:36am

Strategic cooperation between Viet An and Horiba Company (Japan)

The innovation and creativity, the remarkable working session between representatives of Horiba (Japan) and Viet An at the HCM office created potential cooperation opportunities in the field of automatic environmental monitoring and equipment. measure. This meeting not only brings benefits to both sides but also promises to open a bright future for the environmental monitoring industry.

Horiba – A Strategic Partner Horiba, is a famous name in the technology and measuring equipment industry, having made a global mark with top-notch products and solutions. The cooperation between Viet An and Horiba brings great benefits to both sides. Horiba representatives visited and worked at Viet An's HCM office, creating favorable conditions to discuss cooperation opportunities and introduce advanced products and solutions to the Vietnamese market.

Expanding Business With Platform iLotusLand Viet An also introduced to partner Horiba the platform solution Platform iLotusLand for Environment Monitoring. This is a significant step forward in expanding Business for Horiba's partners in the Asia-Pacific region. The platform provides efficient environmental monitoring and observation, from water quality to atmospheric measurements, and provides continuous and reliable monitoring data.

Photos of the strategic exchange between Viet An and Horiba Company (Japan)

Bright Future For Environmental Monitoring Industry The cooperation between Viet An and Horiba promises to bring the environmental monitoring industry in Vietnam and the region to a new level. Projects will benefit from the combination of Horiba's technical and expertise coupled with Viet An's deep understanding of the local market. This means improving environmental quality and ensuring sustainability for the future.

Chairman Nguyen Hoai Thi Viet An Group

Let's Wait We are very excited about this cooperation and believe that it will bring many good things to both parties and the environmental monitoring industry. Let's wait and welcome the bright future with classy solutions and products from the cooperation between Viet An and Horiba.





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By Phuc Nguyen

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