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More about MJK

Viet An is an authorized partner of MJK

MJK is a brand of Xylem Group, specializing in developing, manufacturing and supplying water-related equipment to control drinking water sources, industrial water treatment and domestic wastewater.

Water resources management

Since its founding in 1977, MJK has grown into a solid partner in Europe, Asia and North America. In 2012, MJK became part of the Xylem Group, which has an extensive distribution network worldwide and offers a wide selection of products and services in the water sector.

MJK provides intelligent, adaptive and sustainable measurement, monitoring and control equipment to help water resource management operators optimize critical water systems.

45 years of establishment.

Providing solutions for 63 countries around the world.

100% Dedication to water industry solutions.

Providing leading technology solutions.

Application solutions

Control and monitoring

Measure hydrostatic level

Measure electromagnetic current

Measure pH and redox

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