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Published July 2, 2024 10:23am

Tại Sao Cần Phải Đo và Cách Đo Chính Xác TOC Trong Nước?


Amid the growing importance of environmental protection and ensuring clean water sources, measuring Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water and wastewater has become more essential than ever. TOC is a crucial indicator for assessing organic pollution levels and aids in effective water regulation and treatment.

What is the TOC?
What is the TOC?

1. What is the TOC?

TOC (Total Organic Carbon) is a vital measure for quantifying the amount of organic compounds in water. These compounds vary widely, including natural substances like humic and fulvic acids and artificial pollutants such as pesticides, industrial waste, and daily household waste. The TOC indicator is commonly used in various industries and environmental sectors to evaluate water quality and the level of organic pollution, thereby helping to protect human health and the natural environment.

2. Why is it Necessary to Measure TOC in Water?

Measuring the TOC indicator plays a crucial role in drinking water treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment units, pharmaceutical and food factories, and electronic component manufacturing companies.

TOC is an essential indicator for assessing water quality, particularly in drinking water and wastewater. It helps detect organic pollutants and allows timely implementation of treatment measures. In industry, TOC monitors and controls water quality in production processes, ensuring effective treatment methods such as filtration, oxidation, and biological treatment.

Kiểm soát TOC giúp giảm thiểu tích tụ cặn bẩn, ăn mòn thiết bị and kéo dài tuổi thọ của chúng. Đồng thời, việc đo TOC còn giúp các đơn vị tuân thủ các quy định nghiêm ngặt, giảm chi phí vận hành cũng như đảm bảo chất lượng sản phẩm và bảo vệ môi trường.

Determine TOC in water
Determine TOC in water

3. How to Accurately Measure TOC in Water and Wastewater

3.1. Modern Methods of TOC Measurement

TOC measurement is performed through modern methods to determine the total organic carbon present in water samples. Common methods include:

  • Thermal Oxidation Analysis (TOC-THM): This method uses thermal oxidation of the water sample in an oxygen-containing atmosphere. Organic compounds in the sample are converted to CO2 and then measured to determine the TOC level.
  • Thermal Oxidation Analysis with Carrier Gas (TOC-TN): Similar to TOC-THM, this method also uses thermal oxidation, but the water sample is passed through O2 gas during oxidation. This method helps eliminate more challenging organic compounds.
  • Phân tích Cácbon Hữu cơ Phân Loại (TOC-TC): Phương pháp này chủ yếu dựa trên sự phân tích tổng TOC và sau đó phân tích các chất Cacbon hữu cơ.

3.2. Advanced TOC Measurement Solutions Ensuring High Water Quality

3.2.1. Online Analyzers for TOC Monitoring in Water and Wastewater

MICROMAC TOC is a microprocessor-controlled online analyzer specifically designed for automatic TOC monitoring across various water matrices, including seawater. This device employs the standard UV-persulfate method and a non-dispersive infrared detector (NDIR). This is one of the powerful solutions that Viet An, an authorized partner of Systea and over 30 EU/G7 manufacturers, commits to bringing the most advanced solutions to industrial and environmental sectors in Vietnam.

3.2.2.  Applications and Benefits of the Micromac TOC Analyzer

Systea S.p.A, with over 30 years of leading experience developing and manufacturing chemical and environmental analysis equipment in Italy, offers advanced and reliable solutions for various industries, including water treatment, agriculture, and the food industry.

The Micromac TOC online analyzer from Systea not only provides efficiency in water quality monitoring but also brings multiple applications and benefits, helping enterprises meet environmental standards and produce more efficiently, including:

  • Sustainable and Reliable

The Micromac C is designed for online applications in industrial and environmental settings, ensuring the highest reliability with electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic components.

  • Easy Installation

The analyzer has undergone successful factory tests, is ready for installation without further adjustments, and comes with a startup kit. To start monitoring, connect the sample line, drain line, and power supply, then place the reagent and standard into the internal compartment.

  • Automatic Calibration

When the user-selected calibration time expires, the analyzer automatically performs a new calibration cycle, storing and checking the new standard. If the new standard exceeds the selected limit, the system will trigger an alarm contact to notify.

  • Sample Dilution

Water samples can be analyzed immediately or after automatic dilution. The factory can adjust the automatic dilution system to accommodate a wide range of applications.

  • Measurement Interval

Users can select the interval between measurements. Between measurements, the analyzer will be in standby mode without consuming reagents.


3.2.3. Outstanding Features of the Micromac TOC Online Analyzer máy phân tích TOC trực tuyến – Micromac TOC

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Long operational time; low maintenance, low operational costs
  • Low reagent consumption; short preparation time; low consumable costs
  • Easy operation; plug in the analyzer, no special training required
  • Complete separation between electronics and hydraulics
  • Serial interface for on-site or remote PC connection

4. Giải pháp đo TOC do Việt An do Việt An cung cấp, cam kết:

With over 14 years of leading experience in industrial monitoring and measurement equipment, Viet An is ready to provide technical support and optimal solutions for your needs, committing to no future issues. Contact us now for the best advice and support!

  • Providing genuine products imported directly from partners within the EU/G7 bloc.
  • Ensuring complete CO&CQ documentation for each product.
  • Offering manufacturer warranties and detailed user guides for each device.
  • Maintaining a professional service team to support customers throughout the use of our products, ensuring durability and accuracy.

Tìm hiểu chi tiết thiết bị: TOC Analyzer – MICROMAC TOC (SYSTEA S.P.A)

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