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Published November 13, 2023 3:46am

Trekking 2023 – Viet An Group conquers Ta Lien Son peak

Every year, Viet An Group organizes a special trekking program exclusively for the company's Manager Leaders. This is not only a journey to conquer a high mountain peak, but also an opportunity for the board of directors to share unforgettable experiences and strengthen team spirit. This year, Team Viet An Group enjoys the free and natural atmosphere in Lai Chau. Ta Lien Son mountain peak , with an altitude of 2996m above sea level, is not only a mountain peak, but also a symbol of the group's perseverance, solidarity and success.

The journey is not only measured by the height of Ta Lien Son mountain peak, but also evaluated by the challenges and difficulties that the group had to overcome. At the top of the mountain, they not only find pride in their success in conquering the peak but also gain a better understanding of themselves and their teammates.

Vice President of Viet An Group - Ms. Nguyen Phi Yen, shared: "This journey is not only about reaching the mountain top, but also about building relationships and creating unforgettable memories." . Alone, we are just ordinary people, but together, we can create extraordinary things.”

Not only steps on the mountain top, but also steps through challenges, Viet An Group's leadership team learns how to work together, solve problems and set common goals. They share joy when overcoming difficulties, create a positive atmosphere and constantly encourage each other. The annual trekking journey is not only an event in the history of Viet An Group but also an important milestone in building a strong and united leadership team. The footsteps on the top of the mountain are not only the steady steps of the leadership team but also a mark of solidarity, trust and determination to rise.





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By Phuc Nguyen

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