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Published June 30, 2023 7:01am

Viet An Group holds a meeting in the second quarter of 2023

Ngày 30/06/2023, Việt An Group một buổi họp quý 2 quan trọng đã diễn ra với sự tham gia của đội ngũ quản lý từ cả ba Miền của công ty. Buổi họp không chỉ là một sự kiện thông thường, mà còn là cơ hội để tập trung đánh giá, cải thiện và định hướng tương lai.

The meeting was held in a solemn and focused atmosphere. Everyone was serious and conscientious in reviewing the company's performance in the last quarter. Together we reviewed and discussed our strengths and weaknesses, assessing the opportunities and challenges in the current market. From there, we have set out a specific development plan for the next quarter, to ensure that we will continue to become a reliable and sustainable partner.

Chairman Nguyen Hoai Thi Viet An Group

However, the meeting is not just about the business plan and numbers. It also becomes an opportunity to create cohesion and strengthen camaraderie among members of the company. We clearly see everyone's spirit of solidarity and great commitment to our mission and values. This not only creates excitement in work but also helps us work more effectively as a united team.

Vice President Nguyen Thi Phi Yen Viet An Group

After the meeting, Viet An Group will implement specific measures to implement the proposed goals and plans. With continuous efforts and the spirit of solidarity spreading throughout the company, we believe that we will achieve greater success in the near future. We have faith in the solidarity and adaptability of our team, and will continuously strive to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.





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By Phuc Nguyen

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