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Published July 18, 2023 4:09am

Viet An Group organizes a humanitarian blood donation program

Today, at Viet An Group, a memorable and meaningful event took place. We are extremely honored and happy to be recognized by the City's Voluntary Blood Donation Steering Committee. Thu Duc and An Phu ward approved and supported the successful organization of the Blood Donation Program at our company. This is not only an important event for Viet An Group but also a memorable milestone for the entire community.

The event attracted a large number of our staff and local residents to participate. Not only is it a charity activity, this Blood Donation Program also creates a warm space of solidarity and sharing of human love. Participants not only donate blood, but also donate their spirit and love to those in need of help. We are proud to have connected people together and spread the humanitarian spirit in society.

Together, we created an event that was not only memorable but also motivated for similar meaningful activities in the future. We are committed to continuing to contribute to building a better society, where the spirit of kindness and love is transmitted to everyone. Such social activities not only help improve the lives of those in need but also make us feel proud of the connection and solidarity in the community.

Once again, we would like to send our sincere thanks to all the staff and volunteers who participated and made this wonderful thing possible. The success of the Blood Donation Program would not be possible without everyone's contributions and support, and we are very grateful for the love and kindness that everyone has shared. Please join us in continuing to spread these values ​​and make the world a better place every day.





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By Phuc Nguyen

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