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Published June 18, 2023 9:53am

Viet An Group participates in SAWACO 2023 sports festival

SAWACO Sports Festival 2023 is a diverse and attractive sports event, organized by Saigon Water Supply Corporation with the purpose of creating a playground and creating opportunities to meet and interact between employees, partners or community in the field of water supply and environment (SAWACO). The 2023 SAWACO Sports Festival can be a good opportunity for participants to show off their sports skills, exercise, and build a spirit of solidarity within the group. It is also an opportunity to meet, network and create social relationships with people in the same industry or community. Through sports activities such as football, badminton, and many others, participants have the opportunity to express their talent and passion in their favorite sports.

Viet An Group participates in SAWACO 2023 sports festival

Hội thao SAWACO năm 2023 đã chứng kiến sự tham gia đầy nhiệt huyết của đội bóng Việt An, và họ đã để lại một ấn tượng mạnh mẽ trong cộng đồng thể thao. Sự kiện này không chỉ đơn thuần là một cơ hội để các cầu thủ rèn luyện thể lực và tinh thần đoàn kết, mà còn là một bước tiến quan trọng trong việc phát triển phong trào thể thao của Việt An Group.

Viet An is not only a reputable and successful enterprise in the field of business, but also an organization with a vision and commitment to contributing to society and the community. Participation in the 2023 SAWACO Sports Festival reflected the strong collective spirit and solidarity of the Viet An team, and they demonstrated well the values ​​the company represents.

Viet An football team not only makes efforts on the field but also plays an important role in building a spirit of solidarity and cohesion within the company. They showed discipline and beautiful play, clearly demonstrating the values ​​of sports such as fair play, determination and the spirit of never giving up.

Looking back at the memorable images at the 2023 SAWACO Sports Festival, we clearly see the solidarity and collective spirit of the Viet An football team. They brought joy and a sense of pride to the entire company and community. Viet An's active participation in this event is a clear demonstration of their commitment to building a positive working environment and developing the sports movement.

Above all, the participation of the Viet An football team in the 2023 SAWACO Sports Festival has been a source of encouragement for both the company and the community. It shows that sports not only helps improve health but also creates cohesion and trust within the team. Viet An made a strong mark at this event, and we hope that they will continue to develop and spread the spirit of sportsmanship and solidarity in the future.





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By Phuc Nguyen

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