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Published November 10, 2023 9:27am

Viet An Northern region participated in the Congress of the Northern Water Supply Association

In the context of the water supply and drainage industry becoming increasingly important and complex, Viet An Mien Bac - a promising name from the North stood out at the recent Congress of the Northern Water Supply and Sewerage Association. The event gathered a large number of leading experts and managers in the field, focusing on discussing challenges and opportunities for this industry in the region.

Viet An Mien Bac participated in discussion sessions on the challenges facing the drainage industry and how we can face the constant fluctuations in water resources and the environment.

Viet An Mien Bac has attracted attention from businesses and industry partners. The Northern Water Supply and Sewerage Association Congress is not only a place to exchange knowledge but also an important playground to build relationships and create new cooperation opportunities. Viet An's active participation is not only the pride of the North but also the pride of the entire water supply and drainage industry community.

Viet An has proven that with dedication and in-depth knowledge, we can face the challenges of the water supply and sewerage industry and work towards a sustainable and water-secure future for the community.





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By Phuc Nguyen

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