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Published September 20, 2023 7:08am

Thu Duc water supply plant applies the iMisff 2101 smart clean water monitoring system

Thu Duc Water Supply Plant belongs to Saigon Water Supply Joint Stock Company (SAWACO). Built in 1966, this is the main unit providing more than 50% of water needs for production and people's lives in Ho Chi Minh City.

To ensure the current high water quality, Thu Duc Water Treatment Plant has invested and put into use the iMisff 2101 water quality monitoring system to support the process of monitoring and managing water supply quality, Ensure that water quality always meets regulatory standards before providing it to users.

The system includes many analyzers and other components, such as:

  • AMI TURBIWELL-7027: Used to measure water turbidity.
  • AMI CODES-II with Cleaning Module-II: Uses DPD method to measure free chlorine in raw water taken from river water sources.
  • AMI TRIDES and AMI pH/Redox: Use the amperometric method to measure free chlorine and measure pH in clean supply water.

The cooperation of Viet An Group and SWAN Analytical Vietnam, bringing a complete solution for the "Online Clean Water Monitoring Station" has been provided and successfully connected to a dedicated location in the Factory's Laboratory. Largest Water Treatment in Ho Chi Minh City.


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