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Published June 19, 2024 6:45am

Wastewater Monitoring System - Legal Compliance and Cost Optimization for Businesses


After treatment, wastewater from factories and production facilities is often discharged directly into the environment, leading to serious pollution incidents. Periodic monitoring cannot comprehensively and promptly evaluate the causes of pollution, making it difficult to address and control environmental issues. An automatic, continuous monitoring system is necessary to ensure wastewater quality, comply with legal regulations, and protect the company's reputation.

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1. Why Install an Automatic Continuous Wastewater Monitoring System? 

After treatment, wastewater from factories and production facilities is often discharged directly into the environment. This has caused serious environmental incidents if not continuously monitored. Periodic monitoring cannot comprehensively assess and accurately determine the causes of pollution, leading to difficulties in thoroughly addressing environmental problems. This not only hinders regulatory agencies but also affects the company's reputation. Therefore, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has mandated the installation of automatic continuous wastewater monitoring stations to control the quality of wastewater discharged into the environment.

Automatic Continuous Wastewater Monitoring Station
Automatic Continuous Wastewater Monitoring Station

2. Who Must Install Automatic Continuous Wastewater Monitoring Stations? 

According to Clause 20, Article 3, Decree 40/2019/ND-CP (amending Article 39, Decree 38/2015/ND-CP), the following entities must install automatic continuous wastewater monitoring stations: 

  • Industrial parks, facilities within industrial parks exempted from connecting to centralized wastewater treatment systems. 
  • Production, business, and service establishments at risk of causing environmental pollution as per Appendix IIa, Section I of this Decree, with a discharge scale of 500 m3/day or more. 
  • Hazardous waste treatment facilities, centralized solid waste treatment facilities at provincial levels, and facilities using imported scrap as production materials generating industrial wastewater. 
  • Production, business, and service establishments not belonging to the above entities but with a discharge scale of 1,000 m3/day or more. 
  • Establishments penalized for administrative violations for discharging wastewater exceeding environmental technical standards that repeatedly violate or commit multiple violations. 
  • Other entities as specified by the provincial People's Committee.   

    Wastewater Monitoring Station

3. Mandatory Parameters for Automatic Continuous Monitoring Systems 

According to Clause 20, Article 3, Decree 40/2019/ND-CP (amending Article 39, Decree 38/2015/ND-CP), automatic continuous monitoring parameters include: Flow rate (input and output); Temperature; pH; TSS; COD; Ammonia.

For projects and facilities in industrial production sectors with a risk of causing environmental pollution, additional industry-specific parameters as approved in the environmental impact assessment report or environmental protection plan confirmation will be required.

For cooling water using chlorine or chlorine-based disinfectants, only the following parameters are required: Flow rate, Temperature, Chlorine.

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4. Requirements for an Automatic Continuous Monitoring System 

Requirements for the components, technical characteristics, and operation of an automatic continuous wastewater monitoring system are specified in Articles 33-35 of Circular 10/2021/TT-BTNMT. Specifically: 

Basic Components of the System Include: 

  • Automatic continuous monitoring equipment 
  • Data collection, storage, and transmission equipment 
  • Standard solutions 
  • Automatic sampling equipment 
  • Camera 
  • The infrastructure 

Technical Requirements for Equipment: The automatic monitoring equipment must have at least one measurement range capable of measuring values greater than or equal to three times the limit value specified in the applicable National Technical Regulation on the environment for the facility.


5. Viet An Enviro - Leading Provider of Automatic Continuous Wastewater Monitoring Solutions 

With over 14 years of experience, Viet An has deployed over 1,000 automatic continuous wastewater monitoring stations nationwide. Our technical team is continuously trained by world-leading brands, committed to providing professionalism and enhancing capabilities to meet all technical requirements and strict legal regulations on the environment. 

Viet An's monitoring system not only meets legal requirements but also helps businesses effectively maintain and protect the environment, thereby enhancing their reputation. We lead the market in monitoring stations in Vietnam, offering integrated solutions from hardware to software, reducing maintenance costs by using quality equipment from EU/G7 brands. The monitoring parameters are closely monitored, making it easy for our customers to control and track effectiveness. 

Viet An commits to:

  • Providing genuine products imported directly from partners within the EU/G7 bloc.
  • Ensuring complete CO&CQ documentation for each product.
  • Offering manufacturer warranties and detailed user guides for each device.
  • Maintaining a professional service team to support customers throughout the use of our products, ensuring durability and accuracy.

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