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Published December 13, 2020 10:52am

What is automatic environmental monitoring?

Currently, there are many concepts/definitions related to automatic environmental monitoring. Viet An would like to summarize a few commonly used concepts so you can differentiate:

  • Environmental monitoring: is the process of systematically monitoring the environment and factors affecting the environment to provide information to assess the current status, evolution of environmental quality and negative impacts on the environment. environment.
  •  Automatic environmental monitoring: is the process of monitoring and supervising environmental quality parameters through automatic equipment and means, helping management agencies and waste source owners monitor environmental quality.
  •  Automatic environmental monitoring information management system: is a system including hardware and software to manage automatic environmental monitoring information from Base Stations. The management software is designed based on WebGIS and Mobile App platforms, helping management agencies and related parties monitor and troubleshoot pollution spread from Base Stations.
Automatic wastewater monitoring station
  • Automatic wastewater monitoring: is the process of continuously and automatically monitoring the flow and quality of wastewater to help waste source owners and management agencies closely monitor wastewater discharge at all times and take timely solutions and rescue measures. time if an incident occurs.
  • Automatic exhaust gas monitoring: is the process of monitoring the flow, concentration and pollution parameters of the exhaust gas source continuously and automatically, helping the waste source owner and management agencies closely monitor the discharge of wastewater. at all times and have timely solutions and rescue measures if an incident occurs.
  • Central station: is the station that operates the entire automatic environmental monitoring system, including automatic wastewater and exhaust gas monitoring stations, helping management agencies monitor wastewater treatment through images, Data transmitted from Base Stations.
  • Base station: is an automatic wastewater and exhaust gas monitoring station located at waste source owners who are required to install automatic wastewater and exhaust gas monitoring systems.

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