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Published October 23, 2023 3:45am

Vietnamese Women's Day event October 20 at Viet An Group

Viet An Group's "Vietnamese Women 20/10" program highlighted the spirit, determination and contributions of Vietnamese women, especially female employees, in the company's development. This is not only an opportunity to show gratitude, but also to create an environment that motivates women to go further in their careers.

This program has created a memorable space to honor the talent, constructive spirit, and important contributions of women in the sustainable development of Viet An Group.

This is an important step in promoting gender equity and the company's commitment to developing female human resources, helping them to excel and contribute strongly to the success of this group. Viet An Group not only builds a friendly and encouraging working environment for women but also honors them as an important and indispensable part of the company's development journey.

Viet An Group successfully organized the program "Vietnamese Women 20.10", honoring the contributions of women, especially female employees in the company. This event demonstrates the company's commitment to equitable development and building strong relationships with employees.

Viet An Group continues to be a reputable and trustworthy name, proving its major role in building a fair society and sustainable development.


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By Phuc Nguyen

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